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Insulated Glass/Thermopane Windows

Insulated windows have two or three panes separated by spacers to create an air pocket between the glass panels. The panes are then sealed to protect the pockets and then they are filled with argon or krypton gas.

These insulated window panes keep your air conditioning from working hard in the summer and your heater from running constantly in the winter.

A window with Insulating Glass or Thermopane Glass is commonly known as double glazing, or double-paned window, triple glazing, or triple-paned window, or quadruple glazing, or quadruple-paned window.  These units are typically manufactured with glass in thicknesses from 3 to 10 mm. Special applications such as sound control, overhead glass, or security may require different thicknesses of glass to be incorporated in a unit.

Damaged or shattered thermopane windows are unable to protect your home effectively. If you detect cracks, big or small, in one pane or in multiple panes, it’s important to have a professional glass company such as Dixie Glass, replace them sooner rather than later.

The biggest problem plaguing thermal windows is fogging between the glass panes caused by a lost thermal seal. Direct sun exposure and heat will cause the panes to expand and contract. This movement of the panes causes the weak seals to develop cracks and allows moisture to seep in. If moisture is getting in, heat and AC are getting out causing your electric bill to skyrocket. When windows fog and fail, the only viable option is a replacement. Separating the old panes of glass, cleaning them up, and resealing them again is extremely difficult. The glass becomes “etched” from minerals in the moist air and it’s almost impossible to get a tight seal again after removal. The repair is just not cost-effective.

So what windows are more energy efficient?

Triple pane windows resist sunlight and condensation better and help preserve energy in your home. They can be up to 20% more efficient than double-pane windows and up to 50 % more efficient than single-pane windows. In an ideal environment, triple panes can last longer than 30 years. Aluminum and vinyl thermal windows can last approximately 20 years. Well-maintained wood and fiberglass windows can last +/- 30 years.

What can Dixie Glass Company do for you?

Direct sunlight affects all windows and at some point, all windows will fail and need replacing. That’s where Dixie Glass Company of Gastonia, comes in! We offer residential and commercial, sales and glass replacement. Contact us today for your Insulated glass/Thermopane Window replacement needs.

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