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Ready to Update Your Storefront Door?

Breathtaking glass doors can be the ultimate game-changer and turn things around for your brand in the commercial space. Have you considered updating your storefront door? The entrance to your business serves as your customers first impression and the door should represent your company’s image. Whether you are in the retail business, industrial, commercial, or professional your door needs to be constructed to withstand heavy use and abuse.

What type of glass do you need?

What type of glass will your storefront need? There are four commonly used types of glass used in most storefronts. The type of storefront will be a leading factor in deciding on the type of glass used.

• Annealed glass

Annealed glass is the most common and can be used in many applications. Also known as a standard sheet or float glass, annealed glass is less expensive than other types of glass. It offers versatility and flexibility due to its ability to be cut into a variety of styles and designs, including curved panels. Annealed glass can be cut, drilled, notched and edge finished. Other types of glass are typically created from annealed glass. Annealed glass tends to break into longer, jagged shards which can cause significant injury. It is generally used when strength or safety are not concerns but cost is.

• Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a good way to make your storefront glass safer and is often required when the window is near a door or close to the ground. Tempered Glass is made through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling and is much harder and stronger than normal glass. Tempered glass cannot be drilled or cut without shattering. All fabrication needs to be done while the glass is in the softer, annealed condition. It is four times stronger than annealed glass and, if it does break, it shatters into many tiny pebble pieces making it safer for people near it. Another benefit of tempered glass is the ability to stand up to moderate heat (470°F). It is however, not considered “security” glass since it doesn’t discourage entry of a burglar who might break a window to get in. A thermal tempering process is used to create tempered glass, which makes it less susceptible to breakage compared to other kinds of glass. It is also resistant to heavy winds and even minor concussive forces. As it is naturally transparent, it can be great for retail storefronts and doors. Tempered glass is more expensive than annealed glass because of the added heat treatment processing.

• Laminated glass

Laminated glass is basically two sheets of annealed glass applied to either side of a strong film that seals the pieces together. The film, is typically polyvinyl butyral (PVB), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). When laminated glass breaks it is held together with this film and remains as one piece. Broken laminated glass can be struck over and over and, while more glass will break, the pane will stay in place and look like a spider web. It can be used for glass doors, storefront windows, and even curtain walls. It is good for protection from storm damage and vandalism. It can also protect from damage due to UV light penetration. Laminated glass also provides additional sound insulation due to its added thickness.

• Security Glass

While laminated glass and tempered glass are sometimes referred to as “security glass” they are more properly categorized as safety glass. True security glass would include glass products that have been enhanced with films or added layers of glass, such as triple-layered laminated glass. These heavy-duty types of security glass are not typically necessary for most storefront projects and are also quite a bit more pricey than standard safety glass products.

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